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    08 November 2019

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    Your trip is approaching and is it time to pack? We help you decide what to take with you!


    We know that preparing a travel bag is a process that can take some time.

    So that you don’t get the idea that you are forgetting something, here are some practical tips:

    1. Read about your destination and draw an itinerary


    This is a fundamental step. Find out more about the destination you are visiting and consider what you want to see and do. Are you traveling in the summer? Prefer lighter and more comfortable clothes. Are you planning to do some trekking? Don’t forget the adequate shoes. Also remember that some monuments require a more rigorous or sophisticated dresscode that you might need to consider!

    2. Make a list


    Yes, that’s right. With a list you will be able to guide yourself when packing your items in your travel bag (which should be chosen according to size and weight limits). Start with the essentials and leave to the end the items you might still need until the day of your departure or even at the airport. Scroll through the list as you start organizing your belongings!

    3. Organize your belongings


    Remember that bulkier and heavier items (jackets, sweatshirts, pants, …) should be accommodated first, with as few folds as possible. Lighter clothes (t-shirts, blouses, shirts, shorts, …) will be placed next, leaving the shirts to last to prevent them from crumpling. Have you ever tried making rolls with your clothes? It could be a good solution! The corners of the travel bag can be used for extra shoes (if needed and always in a separate bag) and for smaller clothes and accessories.


    Toiletries, make-up and medicines should be separated and well packaged in individual bags or necessaires. Depending on the time you are traveling, it may be better to buy some items at your destination. If you only travel with a cabin bag, remember that liquids must be transported in containers with a capacity of 100ml and always at hand!


    If you can travel with a backpack in addition to your hold baggage, you can use it to carry the necessary travel documentation and the most fragile or valuable items!

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    5. Do not forget the lock!


    For security reasons, we advise you to use a lock and a tag with your ID and contact information for any eventuality.

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    Have a nice trip!