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  • White or Red? Verde!


    11 December 2019

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    “Vinhos Verdes” are unique wines with Protected Designation of Origin, produced only from indigenous grape varieties of this region, such as alvarinho and vinhão, thus preserving their typical aromas and flavors.

    Join us on a memorable Tour through this Route!

    White or Red? Verde!

    The origin of the name “Verdes” refers to the natural characteristics of the region, which extends across the northwest of Portugal, in the area traditionally known as Entre-Douro-e-Minho, where the green landscapes are abundant and give birth to these fresh, light and elegant wines. Whether white, rosé, red or sparkling, it will always be Verde.


    But traveling the “Vinhos Verdes” Route is also immersing ourselves in the history of Portugal, through itineraries that lead us to visit World Heritage cities (such as Guimarães and Braga), imposing monuments and traditional knowledge. Unparalleled gastronomy and wines, breathtaking landscapes, history, heritage, culture and religion combined in a region where the wine culture is millennial.


    We recommend a weekend of visit, so that you can explore cities, vineyards and vines, wineries and cellars.

    There are several possible itineraries on this Route and you can read about them all on the official website of CVRVV (Commission of Viticulture of the Vinhos Verdes Region), but all incite to explore some of the main cities and towns of the region.

    Vinhos Verdes
    Vinhos Verdes Route
    Vinhos Verdes
    Staircase of the Shrine of Bom Jesus do Monte (Braga)

    We leave you with some suggestions:

    • Route of Forts and Pleasures:


    From Melgaço, with its imposing castle, once a strategic defense fort of the country, to Ponte de Lima, land of beautiful landscapes, passing by the captivating and inviting historic center of Monção and / or the fortifications of Valencia.

    Vinhos Verdes
    Ponte de Lima
    • Between Oporto and the Verde:


    Following the National Road 108, the urbanization opens up to nature and unique views of the Douro. On the way to St. Maria do Zêzere (Baião), where Verde has always been offered, it is worth stopping at Aldeia do Torrão, so characteristic of the Douro region.

    Vinhos Verdes
    • Cultivation Lands:


    Between the Monastery of S. Pedro de Ferreira (Paredes) and the Monastery of St. Maria de Pombeiro (Felgueiras), the path is predominantly green, decorated with fields and vineyards, typical houses and monuments of singular architecture.

    Vinhos Verdes
    Castas e Vinhedos

    Whatever your choice, we’d be very pleased to accompany you! Come travel with us; we’ll take you everywhere: book now!