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  • Terms and Conditions

    General Conditions



    1. Object


    1.1. These contractual General Conditions aim to establish the Terms and Conditions that will apply to the provision of Transportation Services and Tourist Programs organised by Go Travel Everywhere, a trademark of Nuno Pedro Pinto Machado, Unip. Lda, a company with registered office at R. do Chaimite, N.º 395, 4.º Floor Left, 4435-025, Rio Tinto, Registration and Tax Single N.º 505633345, share capital in the amount of 5.000,00€ (five thousand euros), Registration N.º 5561 at the Portuguese Register of Travel and Tourism Agencies (RNAVT), hereinafter referred to as AGENCY, in addition to any particular Private Conditions agreed between the Client and the AGENCY.

    1.2. The Codes of Economic Activity are 49320 – Occasional Carriage of Passengers in Light Vehicles and 79110 – Travel Agency Activities.

    1.3. These General Terms and Conditions comply with the provisions contained in Decree-Law 17/2018, dated March 8th.

    1.4. The terms contained in the Private Conditions, if any, will prevail over the provisions contained in these General Conditions, prevailing over both of them any additional written provisions specially agreed between the Client and the AGENCY.

    1.5. When contracting the AGENCY, the Client recognises and accepts all the established Terms and Conditions.



    2. Bookings


    2.1. When the Client makes a reservation, he must pay 100% of the total price of the purchased service for confirmation.

    2.2. The AGENCY reserves the right to cancel any booking which payment has not been made on the conditions referred to above.

    2.3. Service requests are processed centrally and answered by email to the Client.

    2.4. The services requested are subject to availability and cannot be considered reserved until confirmation has been obtained from the AGENCY.

    2.5. Acceptance of the proposal by the Client shall be made in writing and requires payment of the registration amount under the terms of 2.1..



    3. Special conditions for Children


    3.1. Given the so many different conditions applied to children, we recommend you to always ask for special conditions that may exist for the service in question.



    4. Information pursuant to Law no. 144/2015, dated September 8th


    4.1. Pursuant to Law no. 144/2015, dated September 8th, we hereby inform that the Client may always apply to the following entities involved in Alternative Dispute Resolution for Consumer Disputes:

    i) Customer Ombudsman for Travel and Tourism Agencies at www.provedorapavt.com;

    ii) Arbitration Committee for Tourism of Portugal at www.turismodeportugal.pt.



    5. Complaints

    5.1. Any nonconformity in the performance of a service included in the organized contract must be reported to the AGENCY in writing or otherwise as soon as such nonconformity occurs, ie without undue delay.

    5.2. The AGENCY has an online Complaints Book, which you can access at www.livrodereclamacoes.pt.

    5.3. In case of complaint due to failure to comply with hired services the client is entitled to apply to the Travel and Tourism Guarantee Fund submitting his complaint to the following entities and within the following deadlines:

    i) To the Customer Ombudsman as the AGENCY has adhered to the Customer Ombudsman for Travel and Tourism Agencies at www.provedorapavt.com. In order to benefit from this service you will have to submit your complaint in writing within 20 business days after the end of the services. Agencies are bond to timely comply with the decision issued by this entity

    ii) To Turismo de Portugal I.P., at turismodeportugal.pt, within 60 days after: a) the end of the Transportation Service or Tourism Program; b) the cancellation of Transportation Service or Tourist Program ascribable to the AGENCY; c) having become aware that the service cannot be provided for any reason ascribable to the AGENCY; d) the closing of the business.



    6. Cancelation of the service by the AGENCY


    6.1. When the Transportation Service or Tourist Program is dependent on a minimum number of participants, the AGENCY reserves the right to cancel them if the number of participants reached is lower than stipulated. In such cases, the Client will be informed in writing of the cancellation.

    6.2. Prior to the beginning of the services, the AGENCY may also terminate the contract if it is prevented from performing it due to unavoidable and exceptional circumstances.

    6.3. Termination of the contract by the AGENCY under the terms referred to above shall only entitle the Client to be fully reimbursed of any payments made within 48 hours at the utmost after termination of the contract.



    7. Reimbursements


    7.1. Once the Transportation Service or Tourist Program has commenced, no refund shall be due for services not used by the Client for reasons of force majeure or attributable to him / her. Failure to provide services provided for reasons attributable to the AGENCY, and if it is not possible to substitute for other equivalents, entitles the Client to be reimbursed for the difference between the price of the services rquired and those actually provided.



    8. Withdrawal (Termination)


    8.1. The Client, or any of his accompanying travellers, is free to withdraw from the Transportation Service or Tourist Program at any time.

    8.2. Such withdrawal implies that he / she will be responsible for paying all charges that may arise and for all logistics from the moment he / she decides to leave.

    8.3. The Client is also entitled to terminate the contract prior to the beginning of any service without paying any termination fee, if there are unavoidable and exceptional circumstances that considerably affect performance. Termination of the contract in this case shall only entitle the Client to be fully reimbursed of all payments made.



    9. Responsibility


    9.1. The AGENCY is responsible for the correct execution of all the services included in the contract organized.

    9.2. The AGENCY is responsible for any errors due to technical failures in the booking system that are attributable to it.

    9.3. The AGENCY is not responsible for booking errors that are attributable to the Client or caused by unavoidable and exceptional circumstances.



    10. Insolvency


    10.1. In the event of insolvency of the AGENCY, the Client can apply to the Travel and Tourism Guarantee Fund, by contacting Turismo de Portugal I.P., the entity responsible for the respective mobilisation:

    Turismo de Portugal, I.P.

    Rua Ivone Silva, Lote 6, 1050-124 Lisboa

    Tel. (+351) 211 140 200 | Fax. 211 140 830




    11. Insurance


    11.1. The AGENCY provides the mandatory Insurance the Portuguese Law requires.



    12. Payment Methods


    12.1. The AGENCY offers the following payment methods: Bank Transfer and Paypal.

    12.2. Payment methods are indicated according to the type of service booked, which, in some situations, may not allow the use of the payment methods indicated in 12.1..

    12.3. Confirmation of booking is issued upon payment and verification of proof of payment. The AGENCY reserves the right to cancel reservations that have not been paid within the indicated timeframes or in case of suspected fraud.



    13. Legislation and Jurisdiction

    13.1. All disputes arising out of or in connection with the interpretation or execution of these Conditions shall be governed by the Portuguese legislation.



    14. Amendments to General Conditions


    14.1. The AGENCY reserves the right to change these General Conditions at any time and whenever necessary, informing the Client accordingly before any reservation is finalised.

    14.2. Should any part or provision of these General Conditions become void or of no effect, the remaining provisions shall remain in force, and therefore its global validity will not be affected except if it is possible to conclude that the parties would not have agreed in providing the service or supply of the product if they had foreseen the nullity or ineffectiveness of the provision in question.

    Terms of Usage



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